Teradata Advisory Boards

Service Focus Team | Managed Services Masterminds 

Join a Teradata Advisory Board

Teradata Advisory Boards are an opportunity for internal Teradata experts to connect with the best Teradata customers. These uniquely qualified professionals are able, together, to guide future product and service offerings. Get more information about each of the boards below, and learn how to join one or more.

Work toward solutions with Teradata

Service Focus Team

Work towards solutions with Teradata

The Service Focus Team works on issues related to support services and areas beyond product enhancements. Members serve as catalysts for service improvements and provide ongoing feedback to Teradata as well as the Universe Steering Committee. 

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Teradata managed service masterminds

Managed Services Masterminds

Help Guide the Direction of Teradata Managed Services

The Managed Services Masterminds group is a conduit to Teradata for managed service-related strategic topics for Teradata customers by seeking thought leadership, input for future offerings, and objective solutions to concerns. 

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