Corporate Social Responsibility

Optimizing Our World

Teradata strives to protect our environment, which includes conserving natural resources while complying with all applicable local, national and international environmental, health and safety laws. We endeavor to instill environmentally aware practices throughout our operations, from our global corporate processes to the individual actions of our employees and others working on our behalf. We believe this is our social responsibility and that sustainable business practices are good for our world and right for our business. Because of this belief, our company focuses its efforts on providing our customers with best-in-class products and services that are environmentally sustainable.

You can read our Corporate Social Responsibility Report and other related materials here.

Our Products

We design technology for the future — solutions that keep pace with the growth of our customers' businesses and need for business intelligence and big data analytics solutions. The future will demand not only powerful solutions, but solutions designed to meet increasingly stringent standards for power and space efficiency. Therefore, we focus on providing customers with best-in-class products such as our enterprise data warehouse that are not only highly scalable, but environmentally sustainable as well.

Our People

We hire the most qualified people possible, and they reflect the diversity of our global marketplace. Our Teradata Cares Program empowers our employees to make a difference in their communities through volunteerism and giving. Employees are dedicated to improving education, strengthening communities and helping the environment.

Our Suppliers

Teradata suppliers and business partners (such as resellers, distributors, alliance partners and contractors) are expected, and may be required to agree formally, to meet or exceed the standards of the Teradata Code of Conduct for Suppliers or the Teradata Code of Conduct for Business Partners with respect to all of their Teradata-related activities. These supplier and business partner codes consist of the principles of: (1) the Teradata Code of Conduct; (2) Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct; (3) the UN Global Compact; (4) the Teradata Conflict Minerals Policy; (5) laws and Teradata policies regarding anti-bribery, anti-corruption and trade compliance (e.g., the Teradata Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy); and (6) laws and Teradata policies regarding privacy and data protection (e.g., the Teradata Privacy Policy). Links and related information regarding these also are included on our Code of Conduct webpage.

Teradata has established a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program with our Tier One suppliers to locate equipment for sale that is in close proximity to our final assembly locations. The VMI program also requires suppliers to ship bulk quantities of product to local hubs near our manufacturing site, rather than discrete customer shipments. This not only reduces our inventory costs, but also greatly reduces the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations.

Our Facilities

Teradata facilities are designed to create a minimum of environmental impact in our pursuit for smarter big data analytics and business intelligence solutions. We have pioneered many programs in the areas of video conferencing, virtual employment, recycling and energy conservation that get the job done while using and re-using resources at the most efficient level possible. From printing all corporate business cards on stock that is 100% recycled/post-consumer waste material to installing a cutting-edge Building Automation System to optimize efficiency in lighting and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, Teradata adopts sustainable policies and procedures at every opportunity.

We are excited about our corporate sustainability efforts and look forward to having you join us in the ongoing innovation to conserve Earth's precious resources.