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Gartner Report: 2020 Gartner CEO Survey: The Year of Recession

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Gartner’s annual CEO survey explores the enduring issues that will help leaders plan for economic recovery and continue long-term digital business transformations. We believe the survey captured senior executive responses in 4Q19, just before the pandemic crisis hit. As organizations respond, recover, and renew their business, cost optimization and digital business transformation remains front and center.

Survey Respondents are C-Suite Leaders

2020 Gartner CEO survey chart

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  • How CEOs approach the crisis based on their thoughts prior to it hitting
  • Digital business transformation goals that will inform long-term recovery plans
  • The macro trends in 2020
Gartner, "2020 Gartner CEO Survey: The Year of Recession"; by Mark Raskino, David Furlonger, Partha Iyengar, Jorge Lopez; May 15, 2020